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My Free Indie #269


Saturday, 23 March 2013

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Journey With Me ABC’s – J. Adams

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Children

Rating – G

4.6 (8 reviews)

Free until 24 March 2013

As a children’s book author I really enjoyed creating this Kindle book and I hope it will be the first of many.
Journey With Me ABC’s grew out of a desire to create the types of childrens books that can be enjoyed by both parents and children together.
I want to encourage parents to read to their children. Studies have shown that reading to children is an invaluable activity that will help children to build literacy skills. Not to mention helping children to develop a love of reading.
Some Examples Of Rhymes From The Book:
A is for astronaut, way out in space,
And the apple and artichoke there on your plate.
A is a vowel, and for aardvark too—
Four others are vowels, and you’ll meet them quite soon.
B is for babboon and bananas that peel,
And bees and a bear looking for a meal.
B is a consonant that works well with others—
Like blender, broccoli, and even your brothers.
C is for crocodiles and corn-on-the-cob,
And cranes, big machines doing their job.
C starts words like crackle and crunch,
Just like the sounds when you’re eating your lunch.
You and your children will have fun teaching your children the alphabet with Journey With Me ABC’s. They will
love the illustratons and the rhymes.


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Women’s Fiction

Rating – PG

4.1 (44 reviews)

***Connect with Pandora Poikilos on Twitter

Website http://moonstarluxury.com/

Anya Michaels is having the time of her life. She has the man of her dreams by her side. She has graduated at the top of her class. She has the job others were lining up for. Between late night drinks at her favourite bar and fancy dinners at the most expensive restaurants, she has a string of adoring friends. Everything changes when she hears the dreaded words, “You are sick.”

Being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, her world starts to fall apart, one piece at a time. Now dumped, her four year relationship is nothing but a memory filled with pictures, thoughts and a very broken heart. Her job becomes an even further challenge as she tries to hide her condition. Her friends suddenly have more important things to do, what is a party without a party girl? Perfect could not crumble any faster.

Soon, caught between situations, people and pieces of life that she never dreamed of planning for herself, Anya begins to wonder if her brain condition is all that bad. As she absorbs the changes in her life and realization sets in, she begins to wonder if she is the only one saying: Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out.

(20% of royalties will be donated to the National Organisation of Rare Disorders)


Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Fantasy

Rating – PG13

***Connect with David M Brown on Twitter

Website http://tweedling.com/

Demetrius makes his first mistake when he lets his best friend Halcyon marry Eleyna, the love of his life, without saying a word. On the day of the wedding, he walks away from the Elencheran town of Dove’s Meadow and joins the army.

He makes his second mistake when the pirate Black Iris tricks him into letting dozens of men, women and children die in a fire. Demetrius is imprisoned in grief and disgrace.

But he can atone. The Black Iris is dead. The Ivory Rose has risen to the top of the pirates and is leading brutal raids on the coast. If Demetrius can capture and kill her, he’ll win his pardon.

And then Demetrius discovers the Ivory Rose is Eleyna. He must decide which will be his third mistake: losing his last chance at a pardon or destroying the one woman he’s ever loved.


Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Women’s Fiction

Rating – PG

3.3  (31 reviews)

***Connect with Pandora Poikilos on Twitter

Website http://moonstarluxury.com/

Catherine Dixon is everyone’s dreamgirl. Girls want to be her. Men want to be with her. From her charming smile to her gentle voice, one always turns to take a second look at Cathy. Wherever she goes there isn’t an ill word spoken about her. Her job as Vice President of Communications at MoonStar, one of the world’s top hotel chains is to make sure guests are happy to the point of perfection.

From the blue oceans of Antigua to the bustling streets of Vietnam, the racing adrenaline at the Green Hell, the devastating natural disaster in Japan and the stunning architecture in Germany, Cathy finds herself in a whirlwind of fine dining, plush clothes and sheer extravagance.
But is perfection only a mask for untold disaster? In a job that deals so much with people, Cathy goes home to an empty bed. There are no pictures on her wall, no doting phone calls from a tongue tied lover and no family holidays to boast about.

What is Cathy’s secret and how will her world change when the world knows? What is the significance of the blue pendant round her neck? Who is the mysterious man she is seen with every three months? What are the contents of the brown envelope delivered to her on the fifteenth of every month?
Will her secrets ever catch up with her or will Cathy continue to sail alongside perfection in the world she has created for herself as a Frequent Traveller?

(20% of royalties will be donated to the National Organisation of Rare Disorders)


the Chaosifier – Mike Evers

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Contemporary Fantasy

Rating – G

4.8 (5 reviews)

Free until 27 March 2013

A storm is brewing.
High on a mountain in Central Europe a vengeful chaos lord has managed to get a terrifying device to do his bidding. The future of the whole of mankind is at stake, and only a plucky band of luck goblins can possibly stop him.
There’s just the troublesome matter of a crime wave, global financial meltdown, and WW3 to deal with first…
A rip-roaring fantasy adventure from the author of The Spirit Archer and Campaign of the Gods.

The Misunderstood – Jason Brannon

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Horror

Rating – PG13

4.8 (6 reviews)

Free until 24 March 2013

The world is filled with misfits. The world is filled with the misunderstood. Enter the shadowy underbelly of society where the outsider is king and learn why…
…the Death Angel visits a small town year after year
…an old collector of clocks holds the keys to Armageddon
…a nocturnal game turns deadly when an unexpected player joins
…a church of snake-handlers insist on introducing a visitor to their god
…a group of scarecrows reveal their true nature to the farmer who made them.

We Are Savages – Jessie Atkin

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Action, Adventure

Rating – PG

4.6 (24 reviews)

Free until 24 March 2013

We Are Savages is the story of 12 year old Tris and what she finds when she runs from the responsibility of her household and descends through a rain grate into the child run world of Nowhere. “You go to bed angry or sad enough you can wake up just about anywhere,” the Savages tell her. Nowhere is a brick utopia hidden in the sewers; made up of sweets, sports, hammocks, and fireflies. But even this haven, free of parents and protocol, is not everything it seems. Haunted by dark specters known only as Phocydes, feared for their reputation of consuming children whole, Tris works both to hunt and to hide from these hooded shadows. But something about them is familiar; something about them fires her curiosity more than her fear. And Tris slowly begins to realize that, no matter where you go, fear and responsibility are not things you can escape. The only thing to do is face them.

The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible – Thibault Masson

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Advice, How-to

Rating – PG

4.8 (5 reviews)

Free until 27 March 2013

“The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible: How to choose the right plus size dress for a wedding, cocktail evening, formal event or family party” focuses on helping curvy women find the perfect dress for all occasions. Plus size fashion news site Plus-Size-Magazine.com has created its second book dedicated to full-figured women who want to look great, and embrace their curves.
For curvy women, finding plus size evening dresses can be a real chore. All curvy women want to shine at special occasions or events, but this means there is more pressure on finding a dress that is really perfect. Their options are limited , it can be hard to find the right fit and it’s not always easy to find a beautiful evening gown on a budget. This is what inspired the writers behind “The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible”.
It’s about knowing which kind of dress works for which occasion, and how to invest in the right dress to save our readers money. Style guide “The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible” will show women how to figure out their body shape, choose the right lingerie, find a dress for every occasion, what to remember and what to avoid when shopping for a plus size evening dress, and tips on saving money with advice on the best places to shop online and offline.
With over five years’ experience in the plus size fashion industry, we know the trials and tribulations of plus size shopping, and the kind of problems Curvy Women encounter when trying to dress fashionably and on a budget. Fit, price, lack of availability, limited choices…. Sound familiar?
You are not alone in your plus size shopping frustration! Many of our readers have asked us for solutions to their problems, and over the years we have enlisted experts and professionals to help us answer them. Use our fashion advice to arm yourself with actionable tips that fit your body type.

Vegetarian Pressure Cooker – Maria Holmes

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Cooking

Rating – G

4.8 (4 reviews)

Free until 23 March 2013

Imagine being able to prepare a Chickpea and Mixed Vegetable Stew in 14 minutes or a Creamy Rice Pudding with Sun-Dried Cranberries in only 7 minutes. That’s a complete meal in less than half an hour! Enjoy these recipes and more in this outstanding cookbook. Fast food preparation, versatility and convenience are just some of the benefits you will enjoy with your pressure cooker. Whether you are new to pressure cooking or an experienced cook looking for great vegetarian pressure cooker recipes, this is a must-have for your cookbook collection.
With this cookbook, you will be able to create these delicious vegetarian dishes: Eggplant Caponata, Moroccan Harira Soup with Chickpeas, Biryani, Warm Gigandes Ban Salad, Spanish Potatoes and Chickpeas, Roasted Garlic Risotto with Asiago, Black Bean Chili, Poached Winter Fruit Compote, Lemon Cheesecake, Mixed Berry and Red Fruit Jam.
This guide to pressure cooking also includes:
* What food is best prepared in a pressure cooker
* How to adapt your conventional vegetarian recipes for the pressure cooker
* Important steps to successfully preparing pressure cooker meals
* Extensive section providing tips for preparing beans for pressure cooking
* A wide variety of vegetarian recipes, from starters to entrées to desserts, and more!
So gather up your courage and crank up your pressure cooker. Once you have served a perfect risotto after work, you will be hooked. And you will never get tired of this versatile piece of kitchen equipment. In fact, you won’t know what you did without it.

Writing for the Soul – Dylon J Serpa

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Advice, Self-help

Rating – PG

5 (5 reviews)

Free until 25 March 2013

Writing for The Soul: An Autobiography and Guide for the Broken Down is the story of author Dylon J. Serpa’s journey through depression. It reveals the ugliness of mental health disorders including raging fits during basketball games, striking ones parent and more. The story also follows the story of a younger teens terrible struggle through depression and how writing therapy allowed her to express herself. The book also doubles as a guide, showing the beneficial components of writing therapy.

A Sealed Fate – Lisa Gordon

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Thriller

Rating – R

4.8 (5 reviews)

Free until 25 March 2013

To escape the pain of failed relationships and careers, both Valda and Larissa take themselves to Dubai seeking not only success, but a reason and purpose in life. Valda does indeed find success and to her astonishment
love, but all is threatened when she is introduced to a billionaire Sheikh. Her clandestine relationship with the Sheikh, propels her into a murky web of deceit, and she turns to Larissa for help. As an astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the Sheikh’s destinies were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret. Together, Valda and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian Roulette where the stakes are their lives and their adversary, Fate itself.
Can they beat Fate? Can freewill triumph?
This pacey, gritty thriller has a spiritual theme which bravely merges genres and embraces with sensitivity personal relationships underlying the theme of choice versus chance. Upbeat and contemporary in style, A Sealed Fate features an eclectic mix of characters awash with local colour.

The Nightlife New York – Travis Luedke

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Romance

Rating – R

4.4 (86 reviews)

Free until 25 March 2013

Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, pimps & dirty cops––the Nightlife New York is never boring. Aaron Pilan’s life is forever changed when he’s shot trying to rescue a drop-dead gorgeous woman on the streets of New York. Aaron is thrust into the shocking world of vampiric slavery when Michelle shares her blood to save his life.
Michelle’s existence as a solitary vampire is also altered when she accepts this naïve young man into her life. Bound by her blood, Aaron is subject to her authority. He walks a tightrope of strictly controlled feeding regiments & intense sexual adventures while catering to the neurotic control-freak tendencies of his new master. She vows to eliminate him if he proves too difficult to control.
This story is bold & evocative infusing blood, sex, love & turmoil in an urban drama about two vampires battling evil outside & within themselves.

Seven-X – Mike Wech

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Psychological Thriller

Rating – R

4.1 (90 reviews)

Free until 24 March 2013

SEVEN-X is the first book in the SEVEN-X Trilogy, revolving around Los Angeles Times Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen, who gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner being held at a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of Dell City, Texas. With an opportunity to break the story, Eddie voluntarily commits himself into the asylum in hopes of finding Annette Dobson, “The SIDS Killer.” She is rumored to have had her execution faked so she could be shipped to the asylum, have an exorcism and give birth to the child the world thinks is dead. 

Eddie’s journals, video diary and recordings leave a trail of breadcrumbs into experimental procedures conducted on patients without their consent. As he dives deeper into his investigation, Eddie is forced to confront his own demons as an unwilling participant in the asylum’s controversial rehabilitation procedures.
This is a revised Collector’s limited edition copy of SEVEN-X


Author: Michele McGrath

Title:  Ghost Diaries 1: Gigi’s Guardian

Free Days:  03/23/2013 -03/25/2013

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Diaries-Gigis-Guardian-ebook/dp/B008IDUGBO/


Website:  www.michelemcgrath.co.uk

Twitter:  @benvoirrey

Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy

Description :  “I never thought I’d make history after I was dead,” says Ariane, when she agrees to become Gigi’s Guardian. (Guardian Angel isn’t P.C. because she’s no angel!)
Ariane has always kept a diary and sees no reason to stop just because she is now a ghost. She has recently arrived in Heaven after dying on the operating table. Out sightseeing, she peers through a portal into the real world and discovers the love of her life in bed with her best friend. Fuming and dreadfully unhappy, Ariane badly needs something to takeher mind off her troubles. She does not want to stay in Heaven and she hopes that having a demanding job will provide the distraction she needs. So she is delighted when she is offered the position and is very interested in her new client.
Gigi is a young girl with a mixed race background living in Swinging Sixties London, an era which Ariane has always wanted to visit. Gigi needs her help at this moment of her life because she is about to make a decision which will have world changing consequences.

Author: Scott Douglas
Title: How to Finish an Oscar Winning Screenplay or Novel in 2 Months
Free Days: March 23rd
Amazon Link:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BPIVY8S
Website: http://www.how-to-finish-a-screenplay-in-2-months.com/
Genre: Writing, Authorship, Screenwriting

Description: This is the guide I urge my writers to apply for their screenplays or novels or ebooks. The process once set up streamlines storytelling and will focus your time and effort. My company link – http://how-to-finish-a-screenplay-in-2-months.com is here to help you.

Simply follow the information enclosed and in two months you will have a complete novel. The process involves little known methods used by novelists and screenwriters to increase storytelling volume and clarity. The process has been specifically designed for people whose lifestyle places high demands on that most precious of commodities – TIME!
And it is an excellent method to apply with Kindle ebook creation too!

Author: Deanna Proach

Title: Day of Revenge

Free Days: 03/23/2013 -03/27/201

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Day-of-Revenge-ebook/dp/B00BNFKKWY/


Website: www.deannaproachwriter.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/deannaproach

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zss6rQerb14

Historical Fiction

It’s 1793, and the onset of the Reign Of Terror has sparked the winds of revolution – which begin to blow hard across the French populace.
Sensing the growing unrest, the hard-boiled Captain Samuel La Font digs in his heels, determined to repel the best efforts of the revolutionaries and preserve the established order of his beloved home country; however, as the war suddenly takes an unexpected turn, La Font is forced to contend with a grave, sobering new reality:either flee with his family and friends with his life, or die defending the quickly fading Old World order he’s sworn to protect.

Authors: Lisa Kay Hauser & Philip Dale Smith
Title: Turn Back Time
Free Days: 03/23/2013 -03/24/2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008G1FDBQ
Website: TheFamilyMinute.com
Twitter: @grandpadale
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Description: This award-winning and best-selling novel has recently been downloaded more than 27,000 times as a Kindle! Synopsis: Security, gentleness, joy, love, and faith were hallmarks of Hattie Stoneworth Crowe’s life. But now the horrors of the Great Depression and the death of her husband threaten her future and that of her three-year-old daughter and unborn child. A potentially greater danger looms from an unexpected source.

Smith Delaney, an out-of-work miner known for his wanderlust, hair-trigger temper, fast fists, and love for liquor comes to her looking for work as a handyman. Against all reason, she hires him.

Through hardships of the times, through birth and death, tragedy and triumph, a young woman seeks to hold on to faith and family; and a lonely man seeks to find family and faith.

“This romance, set in a Depression-era mining town, is about family (the good, the bad, the ugly)…Hattie Stoneworth, widowed at 23 with one child and another on the way, is needy. Her heart needs healing, and her land needs working. Smith Delaney can do both. … Hattie’s stubborn faith and raw emotion is endearing. Her young daughter will charm any reader, and even Smith is more than likeable.” -CBA Marketplace

Author: Susan Daniels

Title: Superfood Recipes

Free Days: 03/23/2013 -03/24/2013

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007LU3UGI/


Genre: Cooking

Description: With such an increased emphasis on health and nutrition, which comes on the heels of the rising obesity epidemic, many people are researching ways to significantly improve their diet. There are countless diets currently on the market that don’t work, or give you results that in turn diminish your health. Superfoods are just that, super. While a number of foods provide the body with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals, each of these foods step up their game to offer something usually reserved for expensive supplements that still fail to bring what these foods do to the table.

What are Superfoods exactly? A Superfood is a food that is packed with phytonutrient content that deliver considerably more health benefits than other types of foods. They are nutrient and mineral rich and high in antioxidants. This combination will balance a diet while leaving the body more time to fight and prevent diseases over a more robust life cycle. So many of the health problems that people suffer from are directly related to their diets. Foods that are high in saturated fats, additives, and artificial ingredients contribute to problems while Superfoods prevent them and benefit the mind as well. Superfoods are easy to find in your local grocery stores. They don’t come from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, but rather, anchor the oases of healthy foods in the modern market that you have seen your whole life.

Superfoods are not a diet but an addition. Make the conscious and thoughtful choice to augment your present diet with any or all of the foods listed below. The best part? They are not a burden on the palate but provide a sea of new tastes and flavors.

We have provided you with a Primer on introducing Superfoods into your diet through this collection of 50 Dinner, Snacks and Dessert Recipes. Each is easy to prepare while providing a wealth of nutritional benefits. There are 25 dinner recipes that we have prepared in our test kitchen to make them simple and healthful. The 25 snack and dessert recipes included show that eating mindfully can also be indulgent, to a point, as well as fun.

Author: Terry Melaugh

Title: Get That Job, The Ultimate Guide

Free Days: 3/23/2013 to 3/24/2013

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/THAT-Ultimate-Guide-Series-ebook/dp/B00BV74E4E/

Genres: Non fiction. Business, Careers

Description: GET THAT JOB is a complete guide to the recruitment selection process. Get the job you want. Produce an impressive CV. Find out how to prepare for interview. Get answers to all the common and tough interview questions. Find out what to say, and what not to say. Find out how to behave. Find out why companies reject candidates and also why they select others.

Dramatically improve your chances of securing a job offer. Stand out from opposition as the obvious choice for the job!

Author: Janet Matthews

Title: Is Stress Your Silent Killer?

Free Day: 03/23/2013

Amazon Link:http://www.amazon.com/Stress-Silent-achieve-permanent-ebook/dp/B009KTI1OY


Website: http://squidoo.com/is-stress-your-silent-killer

Twitter: @ljmatt

Genres: health, stress management
Description: Chronic stress can lead to serious health problems if it is allowed to continue and can all too easily become YOUR Silent Killer. This short book can help you to recognize the symptoms and help you identify appropriate strategies for how to deal with stress and ultimately enjoy stress free living.

Author: Ben Clabaugh
Title: Same Planet – Different World
Free Days: March 23 – 27, 2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006UV58M8
ASIN: B006UV58M8

Twitter: @greenowlwisdom
Genres: Children’s Fiction, Action,  Adventure
Description: Same Planet – Different World is a fast-paced, heart warming, action-adventure story for kids and adults about friendship, loss, how quickly life can change, and how the quality of our lives is determined by how we choose to feel about those changes.

David Fuller’s parents have uprooted him, moved him from his home and friends to a lame Midwest suburb at the beginning of summer. When a new family moves in next door with a boy David’s age, his mom forces him to hang out with the kid, Shelton—a wide-eyed weirdo who can’tcatch a ball, stares at anthills for hours, and greets dogs by sniffing their butts. The word “special” comes to mind.

Turns out, Shelton is as strange as he seems—but that’s not all bad. David’s ambivalence for Shelton morphs into wonder as he catches more and more glimpses of Shelton’s magical universe. An unlikely friendship develops, and David begins to learn that whatever happens, it’s up to him to decide what it all means.

But that lesson is tested when David notices men-in-black poking around, watching Shelton with telephoto lenses from inside dark, unmarked SUVs. Just how special is Shelton? What do these men want with him and what will they do to get it? The answers force David to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Author: Edwin Cooper
Title: The Habit of Happiness: 6 Habits That Will Make You Happier
Free Days:  03/23/2013 -03/24/2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BQU1NV8
Twitter: @happy_habit
Website: http://habitofhappiness.org/
Genre: Self-Help
Description: Learn how you can become a happier person with these 6 powerful habits. Edwin Cooper takes the reader through each habit and gives practical strategies that will move anyone towards a happier more fulfilled life.

Author: Elmo Adams
Title: Steampunk Landing Gazette Vol 1 Issue 1
Free Days: March 23, 2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Steampunk-Landing-Gazette-ebook/dp/B0066MINXC/
Twitter: @ goatcenter
Genre: Fantasy – Science Fiction
Description: To oversimplify, Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that connects the Victorian Era with nifty scientific gadgets. Think  the classic “Wild Wild West” TV series. But STEAMPUNK is a big tent and covers a lot of interests. The Gazette focuses on the non fiction  aspects like fashion, food, humor, music and SO much more. Get IT. Read it. LIVE IT!

Author: Nicholas Stiles

Title: Getting To The Core Of Apple Cider Vinegar: The Ultimate Guide Book To Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits, Home Remedies & More

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-ebook/dp/B00BE1UVOY

Free Day: March 23, 2013


Genre: Health, Nutrition, Healthy Living

Description: Getting to the Core of Apple Cider Vinegar is your one-stop shop for all you need to know about apple cider vinegar as it relates to your health. This concise book solves the persistent, confusing dilemma of what is fact or fiction about incorporating apple cider vinegar into your diet, into your daily health regimen, or into an aggressive healing remedy.

After assessing the available research conclusions and comparing vast amounts of anecdotal evidence, “Getting to the Core of Apple Cider Vinegar” digs through the hype in order to arm readers with the information necessary to make decisions about their health in relation to apple cider vinegar. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with claims, dogma, superstitions, or studies, readers will feel clarity of mind as they discover a pathway of thinking along the way.

Owning your own copy of this book will enable you to have your own ready resource at your fingertips. One of the benefits of owning your own copy is having the different measurements and ingredients mixes suggested easily accessible at any time. Another benefit is knowing you have the most up to date information on apple cider vinegar available currently.

Readers will get to learn what ailments respond well to apple cider vinegar, how apple cider vinegar may enhance daily living for them, the scientific studies that exist to prove what benefits in the body from apple cider vinegar, and a myriad of uses to be tried with apple cider vinegar. For many ailments that benefit from apple cider vinegar there is no specific way of reasoning or proof to explain why they respond from apple cider vinegar, but for some others there is. Some medical conditions respond to apple cider vinegar, and scientists have been able to figure out how or why.

Weight loss success stories that surround the apple cider vinegar community don’t seem to have much in the way of explanation, but readers will learn that this is one of many instances where not having the reason isn’t reason enough to dismiss it as ineffective.

Getting to the Core of Apple Cider Vinegar is truly an invaluable resource as the only book you’ll need to own on apple cider vinegar. The most useful, timely, and appropriate information is compiled in these pages, simplifying your journey as the reader, and affording you the opportunity to gain knowledge and make choices as an informed consumer.

Author: Tal Shahar
Title: Hililu is going to the doctor
Free Days: 03/23/2013 -03/24/2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Hililu-going-doctor-ebook/dp/B00BTMHMK4/
Website: http://hililuisgoingtothedoctor.weebly.com/
Book Trailer: http://animoto.com/play/wNm8Pz27YjFUw7Xrjdk60g
Genres: Children book, parenting; taking the child to the doctor
Descripton: Hililu is afraid…
She was suppose to have the most perfect day, but then mom said:
“we are going today to the doctor”
How will she cope with visiting the doctor?
Who will assist her?
“Hililu is going to the doctor” a book to any kid who has a fear or worries too much.This book will simply direct your child to think positive and be a little hero!


Author: Elmo Adams
Title: Joel Osteen – Christian Knight or Christian Lite
Free Days: 03/23/2013 – 03/25/2013
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Joel-Osteen-Christian-Knight-ebook/dp/B0066LX784/
ASIN: B0066LX784
Twitter: @goatcenter
Genres: Religion Biography, Leadership
Description: Joel Osteen is a well known public figure. He can be found on many network and cable television stations. That said, the author had no knowledge of the Pastor Osteen until he happened to see him interviewed on a well known television magazine program.
Usually television preachers on this type show can expect a diet of “gotcha” type of questions. So the author settled in to watch and figured he knew what was coming. Well, there were not many of those type questions and the ones tossed were fielded with calm and ease by Pastor Osteen.
The author was somewhat surprised at what he had seen. So, after the program he started doing some research. This research revealed that the Osteen was the pastor of the biggest church in America. He was loved by a multitude. His books sold very well.
But, oddly, it seemed to the author, a good amount of people could not stand the minister. They had a lot of things bad to say about him – some that, to be honest, seemed a bit over the top.
So, what was this all about? The author wanted to know more. He did investigation and inquiry. The result of the former is this short, easy reading book.

Author: Libby Sparks

Title: The Mute – A Man That Could Show His Love, But Not Speak It

Free Days: March 23- 24, 2013

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Mute-Historical-Romance-ebook/dp/B00BF484MQ/


Genre: Romance

Description: It’s 1887, and excitement buzzes through Paris. The construction of the Eiffel Tower has begun.

Remy, a mime who works in the square at The Louvre Palace every day sees the most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on. His heart jolts in his chest and he understands what they mean when they say, “you know when you know”.

All is not as it may seem, however, as secrets and haunted pasts keep him from reaching out to her, and a weight of debt he can never repay pulls him down. When the tides turn, and she is on the run, Remy has to rely on a solely unpredictable source to lead him back to her.

As a result of his pursuit, his past catches up with him. When he finally manages to conquer his demons, facing the fear of Claire knowing what he’s done and rejecting the love he has to offer, there’s only one obstacle left in his way. Remy is mute.

Author: Mark Farley

Title: Wolves! An Educational Children’s eBook

Free Days:  March 23-24th

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Educational-Childrens-Studying-Mammals-ebook/dp/B00BUYSVVU


Website: MarkFarleyBooks.com

Twitter: @publishing111

Genres: Children’s Books, Animals

Description: Mark Farley is back at it! His experience and passion for the outdoors has lead to his next Kindle eBook – Wolves! An Educational Children’s eBook Studying The Iconic Wolf And Its Pack. Your kids will enjoy beautiful photography while learning about one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. Join the thousands who have enjoyed Marks books as he continues on his quest to educated children on nature and our beautiful planet.

Author: Lambert Klein

Title: WordPress Domination

Free Days: March 22 – 26, 2013

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/WordPress-Domination-Beginner-Wordpress-ebook/dp/B007LS0TLE/


Website: http://www.lambertklein.com/

Genres: Non fiction Computers, Internet Web design

In Just Seven Days, You Can Go From WordPress Zero To WordPress Hero…

“Discover How You Can Ninja Your Way To Complete WordPress Dominance In As Little As Seven Days”

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. There’s no way to get rich quick on the internet… but if you want to build an empire of websites and blogs that will create residual income and massive profit potential, you need to be using WordPress.

Unfortunately, installing WordPress onto a newly purchased domain isn’t going to make you rich. There are widgets, themes, plugins, and traffic to worry about… not to mention wondering which monetization method is best for you!
You can find information about each of these things scattered around the internet, but it would literally take weeks to go through it all… and when you’re ready to start making money online, you want to do it now. Who has time for all that?
Fortunately, I created a system that will have your very first WordPress website up and ready to make money in seven days flat! You can be blogging in no time. I’m proud to introduce…

“Wordpress Domination: Beginner To Ninja In 7 Days”

In my seven day guide to dominating WordPress, I leave no stone unturned and no topic untouched. You’ll go from installing WordPress, to adding content, to enerating traffic, all the way to making money by this time next week.
With a light workload each day, you’ll have time to get your first WordPress site up and running in your spare time. After seven days, you’ll have the knowledge to quickly and easily create profitable WordPress sites… and in no time you’ll have an entire army of sites making money for you 24/7!

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