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    My Free Indie #275


    Friday, 29 March 2013

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    Who Gives Up Adorable Little Girls Anyway? – Janet Louise Stephenson

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Adoption

    Rating – PG

    4.7 (25 reviews)

    Free until 29 March 2013

    Passed around from family to family before an interstate adoption brought them to Idaho from Oregon, two young girls spend most of their lives wondering why their parents didn’t keep them.

    Every effort to find information about their past is shut down – by their adoptive family, the adoption agency, and the judicial system. Will they ever find answers to the questions that have haunted them for nearly 30 years?


Why was Janet born on the side of a highway in the middle of the night?

Who left these girls with the neighbors and didn’t come back?

What do the girls remember from before their adoption?

Why did each family pass them on to another family instead of giving them a permanent home?

Is someone out there missing them?

Is there a conspiracy to keep them from knowing the truth?

What does a ‘forever family’ mean anyway?


    Learn the answers to these questions as you catch a glimpse of the psychological and emotional nightmare that surrounds the search for biological parents.

    After decades of fruitless searches for their biological parents, something miraculous happens to open up the door for a reunion to take place. With a name and contact information, would the girls have the courage to reach out to a man who gave them away almost 30 years ago?

    Take a ride on an emotional roller coaster with these two sisters as they defy their adoptive family’s wishes to search out their birth parents.

    The Twelve Stones – R.J. Johnson

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Action, Adventure

    Rating – PG

    4.3 (48 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    Twenty two years ago, Alex McCray found the first of the Twelve Stones, a set of powerful artifacts left for Humanity to find and use to save Earth from certain destruction.

    Returning to his hometown of Onyx, California, Alex reunites with his father who returns the stone Alex found so many years ago. Their reunion is cut short however after Alex’s father is murdered by billionaire industrialist Rupert Kline, a madman who will stop at nothing to collect all twelve stones for himself.

    Driven by revenge, Alex McCray vows to bring his father’s killer to justice and keep the remaining Twelve Stones out of Kline’s hands.

    A thrilling tale that mixes romance, cutting edge science, and oh yeah, the fate of human civilization.

    Saving Jackie K – L.D.C. Fitzgerald

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Thriller

    Rating – PG

    4.1 (36 reviews)

    Free until 1 April 2013

    The First Lady in Danger?

    Jump into the past to save her!

    Enter an upside-down world where Soviet henchmen botched their mission to eliminate John F. Kennedy fifty years ago, slaying his wife Jackie instead. The unthinkable crime incites Americans and triggers an unending war with Russia.

    In present day, as the two superpowers teeter on the brink of mutual destruction, a team of outlaws discovers a way to jump through time. The wisecracking felons decide to take matters into their own hands by traveling back to 1963 to save Jackie K. To fix the future, they must right the wrongs of the past.

    But, their mission may go awry . . .

    Hard Core Marketing – Scott Hoffman

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Business

    Rating – PG

    5 (2 reviews)

    Free until 31 March 2013

    If your small business is struggling or you are simply tired of mediocre results in your marketing and advertising, it’s time to get Hard Core!!! With this simple small business marketing guide, you can cut through the noise and build the business you WANT!!!

    Cookie Cutter Man – Elias Anderson

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Thriller

    Rating – R

    5 (2 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    You can take as much of a drug as you want, but eventually the drugs will take you.

    For Daniel Rimms the score is about even. After a fit of cocaine-induced paranoia Daniel decides to get clean, only to slowly descend into a rabbit-hole of misery where he believes the government spies on American citizens through cameras in their televisions and cybernetic surveillance-pigeons.

    Even as he is stalked by cloned government agents, Daniel is recruited by a small group of revolutionaries, intent on dragging the truth of these transgressions into the light.

    As he slips deeper into the cause, Daniel’s girlfriend becomes increasingly concerned with his erratic behavior, the gaps in his memory, and the sporadic hallucinations from which he suffers.

    Afraid of losing the only person he’s ever loved, Daniel struggles to determine if he’s in the middle of a vast government conspiracy…or if it’s all happening within his slowly crumbling mind.

    Beyond The Mask – Laszlo & Hunter

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Romance, Erotica

    Rating – X

    4.2 (5 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    They say opposites attract, and that was certainly the case for Derek and Jade.

    Derek has always been a loner, awkward and uncomfortable in a crowd.  Both dark and intense, he is imposing to say the least.  Just the way he likes it. 

    Jade, on the other hand, is a social butterfly that thrives in public places.  Her soul comes alive with the night scene, where sweat mingles with music and lust fuels desire.

    Somehow, against all odds, they managed to find one another in a world where nothing is

    what it seems.  Separated by unforeseen circumstance, is their love powerful enough to bring them together again?

    Simon Says – David Wineman

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Thriller

    Rating – PG13

    *New Release*

    Free until 30 March 2013

    The secretary to a leading Criminal Defense Barrister is found brutally murdered and her body dumped.

    For Detective Inspector Jonny Jackson and his team, this is an apparently motiveless crime. The absence of tangible clues to the identity of the perpetrator as well as any credible suspects causes considerable concern to Jonny who fears for his future on the Force.

    Simon is the cause and the motivator behind this crime. He does not commit the crime personally, preferring to manipulate another. He cares nothing for those who are hurt in the process. For Simon this is just a game.

    A second murder throws the investigation into chaos and Simon’s game continues to escalate as again and again evidence conflicts.

    Jonny and his team struggle to identify the man responsible, but perhaps you can see what they have missed.

    Strange & Terrible Times – R. Paul Tharp

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Humor

    Rating – PG13

    *New Release*

    Free until 30 March 2013

    Imagine the world portrayed through a severely unvarnished tale of drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, mobsters, motorcycle gangs, and a whole host of other curious beings. It is an honest portrayal of the fringe southerner, at his best and his worst, and is a sober tasting of the counter cultures that dwell on these gritty fringes. The types of people, which skid along this uneasy gamut, range from the kindest of the most honest and meek, on to the most depraved and callused among them. It is humorous, and even ludicrous, at times and tragic at others, but it is what it is, and I post no apologies for any of it.

    This modest of works is the paltriest literary testing of Tennessee William’s boasts that “Nothing human disgusts”, all the while being a celebration of Walt Whitman’s fanciful claims of “Being large enough to contain multitudes”. Do you contain multitudes, dear hearts? Climb in, sit down, hold on and shut up!!!

    The Alberta Connection – R. Clint Peters

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Thriller

    Rating – PG13

    4.5 (13 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    As a child, all Ryce Dalton wanted to be was an Army Ranger.

    Conquering his dream, it was only 16 years later that he was forced into early retirement due to an injury.

    Sworn to defend his country, putting his combat and intelligence skills back to work, he has joined the Joint Border Task Force.

    Four laptops have been stolen from the Pentagon, containing critical data that could put us all in danger. Can Ryce keep those secrets from reaching the enemies of America?

    Sunshine in Darkness – Beth Winokur

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Horror

    Rating – PG13

    5 (11 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    A dark, demon-like creature has possessed Sunshine’s body since the day she was born. For seventeen years she has watched from the outside as the Intruder has slowly wrecked her life.

    Risking it all, in an attempt to reclaim her body, Sunshine is sent to a mental institution where Intruders abound. In a constant struggle to learn who she is, Sunshine must take charge of her life while battling the Intruders.

    Can she do it and maintain her sanity?

    The Dark Rider – Andrew Critchell

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Epic Fantasy

    Rating – PG13

    *New Release*

    Free until 30 March 2013

    A Key that was lost has been found… Dark powers long forgotten are reawakening…

    Wishing to escape a reality where she hates her job, her relationships are failing, and trouble and stress choke the fun out of everything, 23 year old Nicola Cook thinks things can’t get any worse. That is, until she begins to have disturbing visions. Now things have begun to spiral out of control as Nicola discovers she has fallen into the middle of a centuries old battle.

    Paul’s aunt just died, but before her last breath she promised him a destiny straight out of a fantasy novel. It would have been easy to overlook until he met the girl he had been dreaming of for months. She was real, a living, breathing person, and he had to have her. Then she is taken from him again and he is forced to realize the truth of his destiny. Life and death reside in his hands and it is up to him to decide who will live and die.


    Hollow Strength – Art Keller

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Espionage, Thriller

    Rating – PG13

    4.7 (33 reviews)

    Free  until 2 March 2013


    June, 2014. The world is shocked as Iran’s newest and most powerful destroyer, the Shaheed, explodes and sinks on its maiden voyage, killing a full cadre of VIPs, including a dozen of the most powerful clerics in Iran. The ship’s executive officer, Commander Mohsen Saeed of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, ashore during the explosion, frantically works to uncover the truth behind the sinking of his ship. Unfortunately for Saeed, learning that truth puts him and his family in grave danger; he is targeted by death squads who want him to carry the secrets he has unearthed to his grave. Meanwhile, accusations of blame for the sinking of the Shaheed bring the US and Iran to the brink of war. As the net of pursuit draws ever closer, CIA officers Joe Cerrato and Cynthia Banks struggle to get Saeed and his family out of Iran before they are caught and executed in cold blood. Full of authentic detail from an author who has served as a field officer in the Directorate of Operations of the CIA, Hollow Strength serves up a compelling picture of the Iran of tomorrow, and the perils of real world espionage operations.

    Coralina – Anita Valle

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – YA

    Rating – PG

    4.7 (15 reviews)

    Free until 31 March 2013

    Coralina Corissa, known as “Coco” to her eight sisters, is the prettiest princess of a hundred kingdoms. And she knows it. Her beauty has always given her anything she wanted… and any man she wanted.

    Runa Realm is facing a new threat. Strange bandits, disguised as nobles, are attacking beautiful women to steal their hair. Coralina isn’t concerned. Until Prince Luxley, her favorite (but not only) lover, gets clobbered by a peasant called Gord, who mistakenly assumed the prince was a bandit.

    Outraged, Coralina plans to punish the peasant by deliberately breaking his heart. But Gord is nearly blind. For the first time ever, Coralina must rely on more than her looks to ensnare a man. But the harder she flirts, the more Gord seems to hate her. And the more her own heart (and hair) becomes endangered.

    The Nine Princesses Novellas is a series that chronicles the adventures of an unconventional family of princesses, the struggles they face in a kingdom often hostile to their humble origins, and the day-to-day dramas of nine young women whose personalities often clash like swords. Fans of Gale Carson Levine and Shannon Hale would enjoy this young-adult series. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

    Changes – Charles Colyott

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Mystery

    Rating – R

    4.5 (108 reviews)

    Free until 31 March 2013

    When a young woman is found murdered in a seedy massage parlor near his neighborhood, the police recruit Randall Lee – an American acupuncturist and Tai Chi master — as a translator and expert in Chinese culture, to assist in the investigation. Lee discovers that the murderer is an expert in a forbidden Chinese martial art – the dark mirror to his own healing practices – and joins in the hunt for the killer to escape his own inner demons and save the woman he loves.

    Whill of Agora – Michael James Ploof

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Fantasy

    Rating – PG13

    4.0 (46 reviews)

    Free until 2 March 2013

    Every so often, an epic adventure emerges that makes the blood surge, the spine tingle, and the heart smile page after exhilarating page. Such is Whill of Agora, Michael James Ploof’s action-packed fantasy that visits strange new lands as it unveils how one exceptional young man named Whill makes full use of fierce wits, superior skills, and relentless will to help defend the land of Agora from the monstrous Draggard. With plenty of drama and action packed battle scenes, Whill of Agora will enthrall anyone on the quest for great adventure, good times, and an infectiously optimistic outlook on even the darkest and most dangerous of days.

    It is the year 5170 in the land Agora, where humans, dwarves, and elves have existed in peace for centuries. Now, however, the human King Addakon has invaded and waged war on neighboring Isladon. The once peaceful Kingdoms of Agora are on the brink of continental war. The Dark Elf Eadon, Addakon’s master, and his army of Dragon-Elf crossbreeds, the Draggard, threaten to conquer all kingdoms. The final hour has arrived.

    Enter young Whill, a nineteen-year-old ranger with battle savvy and untapped abilities. Having spent years roaming Agora and training with his mentor Abram, Whill has become a bright intellectual and a master of combat. What he seeks most, however, is the identity of his birth parents. Instead, he finds a tumultuous terrain and a prophecy placing him in the center of the struggle.

    Along the way, Whill encounters an equally inspired group of companions that are matched in skill and mission. These include Rhunis the Dragon Slayer, the young Tarren, the fearless Dwarf Roakore, the beguiling warrior Elf Avriel, and the powerful Zerafin. As Whill joins forces, he forges bonds far mightier than their escalating travails. With high adventure and fierce friendship, Whill of Agora will capture your imagination and grip your heart during every super-charged escapade that Agora’s bold and grinning brotherhood embraces.

    What fantasy adventure would be complete without a decent map, worn at the edges of course. Whill of Agora features a complete map of Agora so that you can easily manuever through the wilds and bustling cities alike. Click the “Look inside” feature to view map.

    If you enjoy a good story told well, with interesting and often times hilarious characters, you will enloy Whill of Agora. With its rich history, ‘page turner’ pacing, unique magic system and majestic lands, the first book in the Whill of Agora series immerses the reader in a beautiful and believable world wrought with danger, war, manipulation, and mayhem.

    The Five Books of Jesus – James Goldbery

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Christian Fiction

    Rating – PG

    4.8 (10 reviews)

    Free until 1 April 2013

    It starts in the desert. John the prophet lowers Jesus under the Jordan’s muddy waters and pulls him up, just as a bird swoops down to skim the river’s surface.

    It spreads next to Galilee, where some welcome Jesus as a disciple of John and others grow wary of his rising influence—fishermen are leaving their nets, tax collectors their offices, and students their masters to listen to this new saint.

    After abandoning his nets, Andrew ties knots in the threads of his shirt to remember Jesus’ teachings. After escaping his slum, Judas waits for Jesus to call down the legions of angels who can end a broken world.

    But just as Jesus’ movement in the north is gaining strength, he turns south toward the Temple and a fate his followers will struggle to understand.

    The Five Books of Jesus, James Goldberg’s lyrical novelization of Jesus’ ministry, tells the story of the gospels as Jesus’ followers might have experienced it: without knowing what would happen next or how to make sense of events as they unfold.

    Heart of the Selkie – Sam Asher

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Paranormal

    Rating – PG13

    4.3 (7 reviews)

    Free until 31 March 2013

    Kyla McRae is young, smart and beautiful but she hides an ancient secret…

    A gift passed down through the generations gives her great power and unique abilities and yet forces her to live in isolation. Cut off from society.

    But when an ocean disaster puts lives in the balance she must choose whether to stay hidden and safe or risk everything for life…and love…

    Captivated – S.A. Archer & S Ravynheart

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Urban Fantasy

    Rating – PG13

    5 (6 reviews)

    Free until 30 March 2013

    London’s had a rough journey and made some bad choices. She’s on the Unseelie hit list and hoping that hooking up with a Seelie is the answer to all her problems. Only now that she’s beginning to get a glimpse of the bigger picture, she finds herself at ground zero of more magical trouble than she ever expected.

    As Season One of The Sidhe wraps up with the fifth books, the three companion series collide. Captivated is the final book in the Touched mini-series, and sets up the action and intrigue coming in Season Two of The Sidhe! A creatively innovative serialized urban fantasy adventure.

    The Contessa’s Vendetta – Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

    Amazon Kindle US

    Amazon Kindle UK

    Genre – Historical

    Rating – PG13

    3.8 (39 reviews)

    Free until 31 March 2013

    When faced with the ultimate betrayal, a murderous vendetta is one woman’s only solution.

    A deadly plague is raging, killing thousands in 17th century Vicenza Italy. Carlotta Mancini struggles to protect her family and servants, but despite her precautions, she is the one who falls prey to the deadly illness. Her body is tossed into a coffin and swiftly buried in the underground, dank confines of her family’s vault. But Carlotta is not dead; she is merely unconscious because of the illness. She returns home to her beloved husband, her best friend, and her darling daughter. But before she reveals herself to her loved ones, she learns of an endless series of lies, deceits, and betrayal. As she unravels the labyrinth of shocking treachery, her wrath breathes life to an overwhelming need for vengeance. Slowly, meticulously, she launches her diabolocial vendetta.

    The Contessa’s Vendetta is a historical fiction thriller ripe with suspense from first page to last. A tale of betrayal and revenge that will hold you spellbound until the shocking ending!

    The Contessa’s Vendetta is a retelling of the classic novel, Vendetta by Marie Corelli. Inspired by this epic classic novel; a new and captivating tale in a new setting, a new century, and with new plot twists while remaining faithful to key story elements.

    Author: Ian Hollander

    Title: PASSION! How to Do What You Love for a Living and Wake Up The World With Your Work

    Free Days:  March 29, 2013

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/PASSION-What-Living-WORLD–ebook/dp/B00C0L3CAC/

    ASIN: B00C0L3CAC

    Website: http://KarmicConsulting.Net

    Twitter: twitter.com/ianhollander

    Genres: Entrepreneurial, Motivation

    Description: This book is about PASSION. Your passion.

    And the power of changing the world with what you love.

    I know that sounds like an auspicious promise.

    The sort of over the top hype that you find littering the online landscape with promises of easy money and push button profits.

    But I assure you, it’s not.

    Because I believe that the world needs MORE people of passion – enlightened, inspired – and truly empowered doing what they believe you are in the world to do.

    To me….it seems so exceedingly simple.

    When I share my gifts with the world in a spirit of service – I’m more alive than when I drudge through the day chasing dollars.

    And if you aren’t doing what you love right now…and have the courage, and the confidence – when you are done reading this, so too will you.”

    Author: Heather Bixler

    Title: Desires of My Heart

    Free Days:  March 27 – 30, 2013

    Amazon Link: http://amazon.com/dp/B005FAC8P0

    ASIN: B005FAC8P0

    Twitter: @hbixler03

    Website: http://heatherbixler.com

    Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction

    Description: The TRUTH is……You don’t have to be perfect to delight in the Lord. You don’t have to have it all together, or have the perfectly balanced life. For so long I thought before I could move forward in certain areas of my life I needed to at least have a perfectly balanced life.

    But now I realize that isn’t so. God will bless your efforts, and He will honor your humility. So when you feel like delighting in Him requires action from you to improve or be better at being a Christian, know this, God is strong where ever you are weak, and your actions for the Lord will not go in vain.

    I will say it again, God will honor your humility. When our hearts are filled with pride we remove our self from the presence of the Lord, but through humility we experience God in a whole new way, and that is when we finally know and experience what it means to delight in the Lord.

    You do not have to be perfect, and the “Desires of My Heart” eBook is not about being perfect, it is about BECOMING – or moving – towards God and living a life delighted in Him, which will come when our hearts have been changed by Him.

    Desires of My Heart is a devotional eBook based on Psalm 37:4. So many of us believers walk our Christian walk without really knowing what it means to delight in the Lord. In this eBook we answer that question “What does it mean to delight in the Lord?” “Desires of My Heart” is a powerful eBook that will help you work to get past any barriers you may have that is inhibiting your walk with the Lord, while also encouraging you to live a life guided by The Holy Spirit.

    Author: Mary Rizza

    Title: West Beach Wives

    Free Days: March 29-31 2013

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AOQ8XZO


    Website: www.maryrizza.com

    Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction

    Description:  You’re never too old or too young to trust your heart.

    A warm and witty contemporary romance novel about friends, family and lovers surviving lies, mischief and misunderstandings.

    Maddy Rutherford and her family gather for a summer holiday at their cottage in the seaside town of West Beach, but this is a summer that will challenge and change them.

    Maddy is looking to come to terms with life again after the death of her husband. Now, a long lost lover has reappeared who found fame in the music business after writing a song about Maddy. He is a record producer with several ex-wives and she’s a suburban mother and grandmother, a long way from the rock and roll life. Can they find the music of love together again?

    Sadie’s two daughters, Suzie and Jessica, also face their own tests of love while Sadie’s niece Amanda creates havoc in other people’s marriages.

    Author: Inbar Shahar

    Title: Rona is moving to a new city

    Free Days: 03/29/2013 – 03/30/2013

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B6EJ136

    ASIN: B00B6EJ136

    Website: ronaandfluffy.weebly.com

    Twitter: @Ronaismoving

    Book Trailer/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAJJz4PPbzM

    Genres: Children’s book

    Description: “We’re moving out to a new house in a new city tomorrow,”…

    Rona doesn’t want to move to a new city, she feels lonely and misses all her friends. Fluffy, her magical cat takes her through a process where she embraces her new situation and thrives.

    “Don’t cry, Rona,” Fluffy said. “Every ending is the beginning of something wonderful.”

    “Rona was about to ask Fluffy what she meant but she forgot all about it when she found herself floating in mid-air…”

    This is a good bedtime story, the magical process helps the child to overcome uncomfortable feelings and be happy again.

    For kids ages 4-8

    Author: Greg Krehbiel

    Title: The Hidden Village

    Free Days: March 29, 2013

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A3CJ8R6/

    ASIN: B00A3CJ8R6

    Twitter: @gregkrehbiel

    Website: http://www.crowhill.net

    Genre: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction

    Description: Geof Franklin gets the late-night phone call every parent dreads and discovers that his son has been missing for weeks. As he relentlessly searches for his only son, he gets pulled into the orbit of a cult-like sub-culture of clans that live by their own rules and think nothing of killing anyone who stands in their way. To have any hope of reaching his son he has to keep digging, but he’s digging himself into more and more trouble — with the mysterious clans, and with the law.

    This exciting sci-fi adventure story is set in and around Washington, D.C.

    Author: George Brown

    Title: Pinewood Derby Secrets

    Free Days: March 29th -31st

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Pinewood-Derby-Secrets-ebook/dp/B00BX5GRLW/


    Website: https://www.facebook.com/derbysecrets

    Genres: Crafts and Hobbies

    Description: Pinewood Derby Secrets eBook and bonus section Raingutter Regatta Tips.

    In a very simple “cut to the chase” format, this illustrated book explains all the secrets you will need to build a winning car. This book provides step-by-step instructions with pictures and bonus web-videos. Throughout the book you will find clickable web links. The web videos will help you understand the wheel and axle preparations, and the vendor links direct you to the right supplies. You will discover the right materials to use and a few simple procedures to help you win. You are urged to build it within the Boy Scout fundamental principle based on “Honesty” by adhering to your Pack Rules.

    Methods developed by an engineer by lab testing and selecting the best most repeatable methods.

    I am a Mechanical Engineer and a former Scout. Over the years I have helped my twin scouts to become 3 time pinewood derby champs. I am fortunate to have the input of several other Pinewood Derby Winning dads whom I’ve pooled secrets from. I have built a timed test track that was crucial to filter out the real vs. perceived advantages. I then track tested these secrets to determine which of these are the best methods to use.

    I do not recommend using everything that is supplied in the standard BSA kit but you will be able to build the car as fast as can be for a very affordable price. You will get the wheels aligned better, your axles will be superior, your weight placement will be optimal, lubrication and wheel treatment will be unbeatable. And there are a few simple tests you can do to make sure your car is fast before the race. The cars that I have helped to build have all brought home medals and or trophies without exception.

    Go to your next Pinewood Derby armed with the proper information. Even if you chose not to apply all of the methods provided in this book you would still be much better off with the selections you decide to use. The derby is a fun way to learn about physics and see it in action. Have fun at the races!

    Sincerely, George Tompkins Brown Jr.

    Author: Amelia Rose

    Title: Mending Hope (License to Love Series:Book 2)

    Free Days: March 29 – 31, 2013

    Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B00BW0HQ4A

    ASIN: B00BW0HQ4A

    Website: www.ameliarose.info

    Twitter: @ameliarose612

    Genres: Cowboy Romance, Western romance

    Description: Mending Hope (Book 2 in the License to Love series)

    Alyssa Fairfield has led the life of a hermit since the death of her husband three years before. When her childhood friend, Clara Roberts, turns to her for help fleeing her stalker it forces Alyssa to break out of her self-imposed shell. When Clara doesn’t show up a cryptic letter forces Alyssa to go on a manhunt in Southwestern Oklahoma to find her friend. Alyssa pushes her way into a garage, only to be confronted by a man who will break down every wall she has constructed to protect herself. But she may just need those barriers when she is confronted by evil.

    Woody Brandt was the loner of his family who preferred working on the cars and trucks in the safety of his small town garage to dealing with people and taking chances. He is not sure what to expect when he hears someone breaking in, but the fiery redhead that greets him was not it. Spending time with Alyssa makes him realize just how much he has missed out on life. When she is thrust into danger he sets out on a mission to get her back at all costs, no matter the risk.

    Author: Roger Packer

    Title: WordPress for Journalists and Bloggers

    Free dates: March 29-31 inclusive (3 days)

    Amazon links:




    Website: www.wpressbook.com

    Genre: Web design/website building/ blogging and blogs, computers and technology.

    Description:  WordPress For Journalists and Bloggers by Roger Packer

    The guide to setting up a blog, news or magazine-style website quickly and simply.

    This book is written by a journalist who loves building websites but who knows many writers and bloggers have better things to do with their time. It is for anyone who wants to set up their own website without having any technical knowledge and without distractions.

    The book sets out in plain English how to set up and run your own website quickly and easily at minimal cost. This isn’t a massive techy tome covering WordPress in intricate detail, it is a concise book which gives you a simple way to build your own website without any technical knowledge.

    To have your own website is an impressive addition to your credentials and WordPress experience is a sought-after transferable skill.

    You are taken through all the basics from selecting and registering a domain name to setting up and customising your website. There are screenshots to illustrate points and everything is clearly set out in the text so you should be able to follow all the steps easily even if you are reading on a smartphone.

    The book is written in a narrative way rather than a modular form, so you can follow one process to build your website rather than having to dip into several modules.

    Ebooks can be difficult to navigate but this one has been structured simply with descriptive headers to build a comprehensive table of contents which will help you find your way around if you are looking for a particular topic.

    Author: Thomas P. Berns

    Title: Your First Cruise Vacation – Tips, Advice and Planning Guide

    Free Days: March 29 – 31, 2013

    Website: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BZF0O00

    ASIN: B00BZF0O00

    Twitter: @ThomasPBerns

    Genre: Travel

    Description: Planning your first cruise and you don’t know where to start? An experienced cruise traveler will tell you all you need to know including: how to get the best deal,is travel insurance really worth it, how to avoid sea sickness, advice on booking excursions, and more!

    Author: Pete Sortwell

    Title: The Idiot Government Reviews

    Free Days: March 29 – April 2, 2013

    Amazon Link: www.amazon.com/dp/B00APOA59W/

    ASIN: B00APOA59W

    Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pete-Sortwell-Author/255907757862913

    Twitter: @petesortwell

    Genres: Humor, Satire

    Description:  We’ve all seen the news over the last few years, watching in wonder and disbelief at the situations the people entrusted to run the country get themselves into and then proceed to lie their way out of. Just imagine, and this won’t be hard, that they were so stupid that they wrote reviews of the items that got them into or out of their latest bit of trouble and posted them online.

    Ted Williebond is angry, not only at having to settle for running the opposition, but also for the bullying he had to endure at school by Cameron Davies and Gary Osburn, who now run the Government and don’t mind pointing that out to Ted every time they see him. Join Ted as he foolishly leaves reviews of such items as Silly String, vodka and thick curtains as he tries his hardest to bring down the coalition.

    On the other side of the fence we’ve got Daniel Dangly, a foolhardy old school politician from Southamptonshire who, try as he might, cannot outrun the press, who seem to stalk him for easy stories; and Elouise Munch, a career girl more concerned about who’s defaced her designer handbag than the people in her constituency. Running the show though isn’t Cameron Davies or Ted Williebond; in fact it is Betty Rivers, the CEO of Information Inc. It can’t work out well, can it?

    Author: IP Factly

    Title: The 25 Most Awesome Sharks. Shark Facts, Photos and Video Links

    Free Days: Mar 29 – Apr 02

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Awesome-Sharks-Amazing-Animals-ebook/dp/B00C0X8390/

    ASIN: B00C0X8390

    Website: http://ipfactly.com/

    Book Trailer: http://ipfactly.com/shark-books-for-kids/

    Genres: Childrens, Animals, Sharks

    Description: IP Factly presents… “The 25 Most Awesome Sharks”

    Amazing facts, photos and video links to some of the world’s most effective killers.

    Aimed mainly at the 8-13 age range, it’s a fun and fascinating way for newly and not so newly independent readers to find out more about the wildy different types of shark. Books by IP Factly have been #1 kindle bestsellers because they present animals in a fun and entertaining way – mixing facts, photos and video clips. IP Factly’s Amazing Animal series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

    Accompanying webpage with video clips

    This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with 80 video clips of the various sharks in action. The videos are split into shark species to further encourage independent reading and learning.

    It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering animal facts to share and enjoy.

    The Amazing Animals range and the shark books encourages children along the path to truly independent reading and learning.

    See for yourself by clicking on the front cover to look inside the book.

    This book is great for newly independent readers and not-so-newly independent readers alike. Difficult words are explained and fascinating facts are explored.

    Video Links

    The animals are accompanied by pictures and facts plus video links so children can see the animals and how they behave.

    The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models don’t support video but safe website links are given).

    The accompanying website page has 80 video clips separated into handy categories showing the behavior of the sharks free and wild in the oceans.

    Author: Anthea Carson and Tim Brennan

    Title: The World’s Easiest Chess Puzzle Book: Chess Problems and Tactics for Kids and Beginners

    Free Days:  Friday March 29 – April 2

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Easiest-Chess-Puzzle-ebook/dp/B00AAQCBGU


    Website: tacticstime.com

    Twitter: tacticstime and chessanimal

    Genre: Chess

    Description: This book has 299 SIMPLE one move capture chess puzzles for kids and beginners. This book is for players just learning the game, rated under 1000, that are still missing simple one move tactics involving hanging pieces.

    Author: Trudy Murphy

    Title: Smart Marketing for Local Businesses

    Free Days: March 29 & 30

    Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Smart-Marketing-Local-Businesses-ebook/dp/B00AS3ULAI



    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trudy_N_Murphy

    Book Trailer/URLhttps://www.youtube.com/user/TrudyMurphy

    Genre:business marketing

    Description: Stop struggling and start growing your business today.

    With Smart Marketing for Local Businesses, you’ll learn to:

    • Position and brand your company like a pro using straightforward language and proven techniques.

    • Drive customers to your door with simple, yet highly effective, low cost marketing strategies.

    • Create an actionable Smart Marketing Plan to sky-rocket your revenue.

    Providing penetrating insights and candid real life examples, Trudy reveals the 3-step approach she used to rapidly grow her own local businesses. This book is a must read for any entrepreneur who’s ready to take their business to a whole new level.

    Product Details

    Author:  Kelbian Noel

    Title: Roots (Witchbound #1)

    Free Days:  03/29/2013 -04/01/2013

    Amazon Link: http://amazon.com/dp/B008MZ59Q0

    ASIN: B008MZ59Q0

    Website: www.kelbian.com

    Twitter: @kelbian_noel

    Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g013lJ42Eo

    Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

    Description: Seventeen-year-old Baltimore Land just wants to be normal, but magic has other plans.

    I don’t consider myself a witch, that’s my parents’ thing. I’ve never really believed in magic either. Sure, I tried it a few times. Fell for the whole “magic happens” thing. But it didn’t happen to me. No amount of rhyming stopped my parents from moving me halfway across the country. Not one spell stopped me from being labeled the town freak.

    And worst of all, no matter how many times I begged the Universe to bring my twin back, I was ignored. Until now.

    He’s back all right. And in a magical bind of his own. Not the magic-won’t-work-for-me kind either. In fact, it’s working a little too well. Too dark. Too deep.

    It turns out our entire family’s magical roots run just as deep and my brother didn’t end up where he is by accident. So I’m going to help him. But magic isn’t really on my side. Nope. Once I finally get the craft under control, I’m expected to abandon the one person in the world who’s closest to me, just to save myself.

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